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Enhances the bond between dog and owner

I can help you establish the rules and relationship you and your pet will be happy to live with. Your dog's innate behaviors may often seem out of place in the human world. I can teach your dog the manners to fit in; and I can help you learn when and where to allow your dog to just be a dog! Read more about our training philosophy


I offer private training designed to help you better understand your canine companion. I use simple and easy-to-replicate techniques to motivate your dog to learn with you – so you can positively reinforce the behaviors you want while limiting and preventing inappropriate habits.
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I welcome learners of all levels. Whether you want to establish a baseline of good behaviors or build on what your dog has already learned. The process is designed to be a rewarding experience for both you and your pet. Read what our clients are saying


Simple solutions. Most people don't realize that many common issues can be resolved in just a couple of sessions. I am dedicated to helping both you and your pet build good problem-solving skills for everyday settings and situations. I work with all companion animals. See photos of some of our clients


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Your dog is never too old to learn new tricks

Good manners

In as little as one session, I can help your dog to behave better. Polite greetings, loose-leash walking, waiting at doorways, coming when called, staying in one place, and sharing are all skills your canine companion deserves to have.


Behavior solutions for issues

I teach easy-to-understand, science-based techniques designed to help you and your dog with behavior issues like barking, hyperactivity, aggression, fear, anxiety, and shyness. My techniques will motivate your dog to want to learn with you.


Free, no-obligation consultations

I know that each pet and owner is different and I help you develop a realistic perspective of your dog's capabilities and discuss potential solutions that will meet the needs of your individual family. In-Home Training | Phone Training


Certified Professional Dog Trainer

As a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, I enjoy great satisfaction from seeing my students succeed. The keys to success in pet training are consistency, patience and positive reinforcement. My greatest joy comes from knowing that I have empowered them with a valuable education that will help enhance their relationship with their dogs for life! The reward is being able to share what I love doing most: Helping you to enjoy your dog. Read more about my training philosophy


Certified Professional Dog Trainer • Certified Tellington TTouch Practitioner • Animal Behavior College Certified Dog Trainer
Animal Behavior College Mentor Trainer • AKC Canine Good Citizen Approved Evaluator • Member Association of Pet Dog Trainers
Member Association of Animal Behavior Professionals • Member/Trainer of • Member doggone safe